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Our dear friend and co-worker Terry Lafferty just went to be with the Lord. She was amazing. As her sister, Holly, told us this weekend Terry was designed to do promotions for our radio stations. Her boundless energy and enthusiastic (God in us) promotion of our stations was inspirational. She battled cancer bravely and never gave up. And suffered the loss of her husband Michael last Christmas. She has no more pain or sorrow and she is being loved up close and personal by Jesus and seeing Michael again. We miss you and will see you again.


Terry had amazing strength and vitality. She ran rings around younger people and loved doing events and remotes especially for K-LOVE. She worked the booth like no one else, spinning the wheel and giving out prizes to our listeners. She also loved sharing her faith with folks than didn’t know the Lord or encouraging those believers that needed a boost.

– Doug Martin – Good News Communications


Terry Lafferty was a person who loved life and people.  She was perfectly suited for her role as promotions director for our radio stations, because of her enthusiasm and her ability to draw people in.  People would tell her things they probably didn’t tell anyone else.  She genuinely cared about people and would take the time to listen and be there for them.  She touched thousands of lives and she touched mine in a very special way and I will miss her dearly!  Terry fought cancer like a champ; never giving up, never a bad attitude!  I kept telling her she was a miracle and she inspired many during her battle.  She fought the good fight and has now entered into her rest with our Lord and for that, I am happy for her.

-Mary Martin – Good News Communications


Terry was one of the most joyful, upbeat people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a zest for life that is so infectious to be around, you can’t help but smile when you’re with her. She cares so deeply for those around her and always gives every event 110% of herself so the people around her always feel seen, loved and valued. She is an incredibly special gift to the world and we love her so much.

– JADE SCHUCK – Transparent Productions


I have many favorite memories of Terry, but if I had to pick, I’d say the 2016 Pima County Fair was a highlight for me. I was a fairly new employee to Good News Communications. Toby Mac was performing on stage. Terry grabbed my hand and said, “C’mon let’s dance!” We danced our hearts out! Terry’s energy and joy is contagious! We ended the evening taking a group photo with several employees that we now display in our green room!

– Alicia – Good News Communications


Terry had an infectious personality and you always knew when she was in the office because she talked to everyone! She loved life, her Good News family and being a grandma. She was spontaneous and fun to be around and I am thankful that God placed Terry in my life. I will miss her.

– Rhonda – Good News Communications


Terry was a bright light who always had a smile on her face and in her heart. She has gone now to the Light of the Lord where she has eternal comfort and joy.

– Bill Buckmaster – Host of The Buckmaster Show on AM 1030 KVOI



“Rest in peace dear Terry. Your zest for life was obvious. Your ability and willingness to talk to and make total strangers comfortable in your presence are traits that we all should learn from. Rest in the Peace of the Lord, dear lady.”

– Chris DeSimone – Host of Wake Up! Tucson on AM 1030 KVOI



I am saddened to hear about the passing of Terry Lafferty.  Terry was a permanent fixture at the Pima County Fair, bringing happiness and laughter to every person who visited the KVOI and K-LOVE tents and remotes.  Terry met thousands of people at the fair and made many FAIR friends over the years. Terry’s friendship was extended from the local spectators to several of our out of town entertainers, vendors and exhibitors.  The entertainers that performed during the fair on the K-LOVE Stage along with the vendors and exhibitors in the K-LOVE Central Park, have come and gone over the years. However, they all enjoyed Terry very much, remembering to ask for her as I would run into them during my extensive travels to various fairs and industry related events.   Terry’s joy for life and passion for her work endeared her to everyone who crossed her path.  She was a blast to work with, a good listener and a great friend.  I will really miss her.

– Launa L. Rabago – Pima County Fair


Terry and I started working at Good News around the same time but we didn’t have a full-time promotions person, so I was tasked with training Terry to do remotes, which in retrospect she didn’t need. She excelled at her job and was great with the people that mattered, the clients and the listeners. Some of my fondest memories are the earliest, when I was a young part-timer (still a teenager) and Terry and I would sit at remotes at restaurants and events around town and mess with our Production Manager Gerry who used to do news and traffic. There are other great memories of her coming into my office to talk, another area in which she excelled. She would bring me in a big stack of magazines and books she found at Bookman’s or yard sales that she thought I’d like. She was always thinking of others. I will miss her and her spirit around this office.

– Ray Ingegneri – AM 1030 KVOI


Terry was an amazing person.  She had such a zeal for life. She loved people, which is why she was perfect for the job. She would always ask how you were, how your family was doing, and even check up on your dog. She loved going out to meet the listeners and to get to know them. Terry brought with her a

contagious joy and brought laughter every where she went. The office will never be the same without her. We will miss her dearly.

-Christina Willits – AM 940 KGMS


In the years I worked with Terry her smile lit up the room! Her laughter filled our hearts with joy! Her love for her family, for her job and for those she worked with and for made us all loved what we did and how we lived! I will miss her every day!

-John C. Scott and Amy Scott



Terry had a love for life not often seen.
She truly loved her ‘job’ in promotions. In my many years in radio and promotions, I have never seen a media promotions person with such a heart for reaching out and making people happy and spreading the word and love from our stations. We did promotions side by side for a few years. Always, when others would pack up and leave, after doing their “job”, Terry would proudly stay to “work” the whole event.

Terry loved the Pima Country Fair! She planned and looked forward to being there every day and personally reaching out to every one of the thousands of people she could meet. Wherever she set up the station tent and vehicle she told everyone about our stations -and sponsors, and would share the word of The Lord with all who would listen. Terry had incredible energy and love for others. She always wanted to talk about her family and yours.  I loved to hear her tell about Mike’s art work and helping others, and her mom, Mel and her girls and of thirsty fishing trips. You always knew when Terry was around. You could hear her and her – down the hall or across a room.  We miss you Terry and love you! Thanks for blessing us with your love and laughter.

– Ed Alexander – AM 1030 KVOI


You’re amazing! No one can work that remote like you. You had a magical way to connect with people. You were proud of your faith and shared it with everyone. You made each person feel loved and special. I loved watching you get fired up introducing the band at K-LOVE night every year at the Pima County Fair. Thank you for being that older sister to me. I’m forever grateful. I’ll miss our talks, your advice, laughter, and you saying, “Hey Brown Sugar, let’s get dinner, why not.” That meant we’re staying until the restaurant closes. Proud of how you took on cancer. You showed courage and always stayed positive. You’ve  inspired others and now you can rest in peace with the Lord. Thank you for all you did for Good News, the community, and me. Love ya and I’ll see you again.

– Elsa – Good News Communications



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