• Still the Core of the Conflict

    Still the Core of the Conflict

    Palestinian leaders claim that Israeli settlements in disputed territory constitute the chief obstacle to peace, but their arguments actually expose the nature of their extremist agenda. At CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, representatives of Israeli settler communities expressed their willingness to live under governance of a new Palestinian state,…

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  • Pointless Distractions Undermine Worthy Goals

    Pointless Distractions Undermine Worthy Goals

    President Trump is committed to pursuing so many worthy goals – tax reform, border security, economic growth, choice in education, strengthening the military – that it's a shame that he allows himself to be distracted by dubious concerns and trivial issues. Four days after his well-received speech to Congress, he…

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  • Need for an Upgrade in the White House Staff

    Need for an Upgrade in the White House Staff

    President Trump has received well-deserved praise for outstanding cabinet appointments, after installing well-qualified figures at major federal departments. His White House staff selections, however, have been far less appropriate, contributing to a lack of focus in the administration's early days. Thirty years ago, my comprehensive history of key presidential aides,…

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  • Conspiracy Theories Can’t Account for Anti-Semitic Surge

    Conspiracy Theories Can’t Account for Anti-Semitic Surge

    Vandalism against Jewish cemeteries and a hundred bomb threats against Jewish community centers look so puzzling that some observers spin conspiracy theories. This logic argues that cunning activists staged the attacks to smear the president. After all, a church burning during the campaign was initially blamed on Trump backers, but…

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  • Yearning for Quiet Competence?

    Yearning for Quiet Competence?

    On President's Day, C-SPAN released a new poll of leading historians ranking America's chief executives, from the greatest, to the greatest disappointments. The top four on the list should come as no surprise—Lincoln, Washington, FDR and Theodore Roosevelt have been classified among the greats ever since such polls began in…

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  • False Charges of Anti-Semitism

    False Charges of Anti-Semitism

    The bitter divisions in American life currently stem from politics as much as from differences in race, religion or economic status. Even tightly connected subgroups endure internal conflicts over President Trump and his policies. Jewish Americans, for instance, represent less than 2 percent of the national population but that community…

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  • American Miracles and President’s Day

    American Miracles and President’s Day

    On the eve of Civil War, Abraham Lincoln concluded his First Inaugural Address with two sentences of incandescent eloquence: “Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone…

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  • Democrats: Doomed by Internal Contradictions

    Democrats: Doomed by Internal Contradictions

    To understand why they lost the election to Trump and the Republicans, stunned Democrats must come to terms with the internal contradictions in their party's policies and personalities. On a policy level, Democrats tell the voters that the government is corrupt, and slanted toward the rich and powerful, even while…

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  • Whatever Happened to “The Party of the Little Guy”?

    Whatever Happened to “The Party of the Little Guy”?

    Democrats have always identified themselves as “the party of the little guy,” but in 2016 they lost tens-of-millions of aggrieved, out-of-luck voters to a boisterous billionaire named Donald Trump. Why? Because of the party's self-destructive obsession with race and gender. The real dividing line between families that are forging ahead…

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  • Trump’s Best Move…So Far

    Trump’s Best Move…So Far

    During his first two weeks, President Donald Trump has been moving ahead like an unstoppable express train, even though he hasn't always stayed on track. (Did we really need diplomatic blow-ups with Australia and Mexico, or the mishandling of an incoherent and ineffective “travel ban”?) But with all the storm…

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