• Right Title for Arizona Fight: ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

    Right Title for Arizona Fight: ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

    The passage by a Republican legislature, and subsequent veto by a Republican governor, of the wildly controversial “Religious Freedom” Law in Arizona qualifies as neither triumph nor tragedy. Democrats may react to the outcome of the dispute by invoking a Shakespearean comedy: “All's Well that Ends Well.” For the rest…

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  • Defense Cuts Demonstrate Mistaken Priorities

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel demands dramatic cuts in the nation's military to bring the number of personnel to the lowest levels since before Pearl Harbor. He never acknowledged, however, that the population 73 years ago was only 132 million—compared to 315 million today. That means the Hagel-Obama military, as…

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  • The Middle Class is Alive and Well

    If a young couple with a combined income of $21,000 can still manage to buy themselves a cozy, comfortable home, it's premature to proclaim the death of the middle class dream. Despite the painful setbacks of the Great Recession, nearly all Americans who find jobs and work hard will avoid…

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  • Considering Fresh Faces

    Considering Fresh Faces

    Republicans feel growing confidence about crucial Senate races in 2014, but still feel anxious about finding a candidate to beat Hillary Clinton two years later. The most prominent prospects display prominent flaws: Rand Paul is out of the party mainstream on defense and security issues; Chris Christie is tarred by…

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  • Pro-Lifers Can Celebrate Progress

    Pro-Lifers Can Celebrate Progress

    Pro-Life activists can celebrate astonishing progress toward their most important goal: reducing the number of pregnancies that are terminated by abortion. The latest figures show the abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level in more than 30 years. Statistics indicate 17 abortions per 1,000 women of child-bearing age, down…

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  • A Bold Plan to Boost Employment

    A Bold Plan to Boost Employment

    Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee is a popular conservative who has set a strong example for his fellow Republicans with a bold plan to offer two years of free community college or technical school for all high school graduates in his state. This program would make use of Tennessee's 27…

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  • How Oil Drilling Saved the Whales

    How Oil Drilling Saved the Whales

    Watching a parade of migrating whales as they leap and frolic in the warm waters off Honolulu, it's worth remembering that these creatures owe their very survival to a much-derided 19th century Pennsylvania oil driller named Edwin Drake. His story should reassure present-day pessimists of the near miraculous power of…

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  • Shady Operations Hurt Conservative Cause

    Shady Operations Hurt Conservative Cause

    Dr. Ben Carson has inspired millions with his idealism and common sense, but those of us who respect him most should shun dubious operators who are raising big money for the Draft Ben Carson for President Committee. Dr. Carson insists he has no plans to run for office and no…

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