• A Fifth Passover Question: Why Bother?

    A Fifth Passover Question: Why Bother?

    GUEST COLUMN BY DIANE MEDVED Here we are on the eve of Passover 5774, (the year according to the Jewish calendar), and the celebration of the traditional Seder, a meal rife with symbolism. After ridding the house of leavened products, bringing in Passover food and preparing the important meal, parents…

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  • Hollywood’s Unexpected Religious Awakening

    Hollywood’s Unexpected Religious Awakening

    The movie NOAH drew publicity for its box office success and eccentric adaptation of Biblical material, while two smaller religious movies drew eager audiences with their more traditional messages. The little-known stars in GOD'S NOT DEAD told a moving story about a courageous student standing up to a bullying professor…

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  • Absolute Power Corrupts California Dems

    Absolute Power Corrupts California Dems

    National media gave abundant attention to humiliating video of a married GOP Congressman kissing one of his aides while a far more serious Democratic scandal unfolded in California with scant press attention. Three State Senators faced devastating criminal charges: one for soliciting bribes and trafficking in arms to the Philippines,…

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  • GOP Can Win as the Party of Personal Change

    GOP Can Win as the Party of Personal Change

    What's the most reliable way to overcome obstacles to personal progress: to change your own behavior, or to get other people to change the way they treat you? Contemporary liberalism emphasizes the transformation of institutions and organizations, rather than of individuals. This badly mistaken stress gives conservatives a precious opening…

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  • Passion of Obama Opponents Spells Doom for Dems

    Passion of Obama Opponents Spells Doom for Dems

    In using public opinion polls to predict electoral outcomes, it's crucial to consider not only what people feel but how strongly, how passionately they feel it. In that context, a new AP-GfK survey of 1,012 adults taken between March 20th and 24th delivers more than a warning for President Obama…

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  • In Jeb vs. Hillary, It’s Obvious Who’s the Fresh Face

    In Jeb vs. Hillary, It’s Obvious Who’s the Fresh Face

    Looking toward the next presidential race, many commentators groan at the prospect of a tiresome dynastic war between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush. Conventional wisdom sees both candidates as too shopworn to inspire enthusiasm, but Jeb Bush is hardly as familiar a celebrity as Secretary Clinton. He's never…

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  • Thank the Godless

    In trying to explain two consecutive presidential defeats, some Republican commentators blame Christian evangelicals for the perceived decline in their political participation. But 2012 exit polls showed 26% of all voters identifying as “White Evangelical/Born-Again Christians” – a significant increase from the 23 percent who described themselves that way in…

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  • Gay Marriage: Not a Done Deal

    Gay Marriage: Not a Done Deal

    World Vision enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an effective, idealistic Christian relief organization but it recently suffered an embarrassing setback in handling the same-sex marriage issue. Protests from donors around the world forced the Seattle-based charity to back-track on a short-lived, ill-considered decision to welcome gay, married employees—even while maintaining…

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