• “Idealism” Has Nothing To Do With It

    “Idealism” Has Nothing To Do With It

    In attempting to explain the enthusiasm of so many young voters for Bernie Sanders' presidential candidacy, conventional commentary suggests that the 74-year-old Senator appeals powerfully to their “youthful idealism.” But what's so idealistic about embracing Democrat Sanders' promises of lavish, youth-targeted, government give-aways? Why wouldn't young people like the idea…

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  • Persuasion Tip from the Best Possible Source

    “If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend. Therein is a drop of honey that catches his heart, which, say what he will, is the great highroad to his reason.” -Abraham Lincoln Springfield, Illinois February 22, 1842 Brought to you…

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  • Lesson from Nature: Do Better than Dogs

    Lesson from Nature: Do Better than Dogs

    The New York Times recently reported on new research of the origin of dogs, with unexpected lessons about the vital connection between family values and self-reliance. Dogs are closely related to wolves – so close, in fact, that dogs and wolves can interbreed easily and some scientists don't even accept…

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  • Public Responds to Clear-Cut Conflicts of Good vs. Evil

    Public Responds to Clear-Cut Conflicts of Good vs. Evil

    The phenomenal success of the new STAR WARS movie, THE FORCE AWAKENS, highlights an awakening force among the American people: a hunger for stirring stories of good vs. evil. Two Oscar front-runners advanced similar themes: THE REVENANT and SPOTLIGHT focus on good people defying the odds to fight corruption and…

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  • Primary Victories Won’t Guarantee Nomination

    Primary Victories Won’t Guarantee Nomination

    On the eve of the first caucuses and primaries of the campaign season, Donald Trump's popularity remains potent and impressive and he looks likely to win most, if not all, of the early contests. But if he does, he'll still probably fall short of an actual majority of delegates: proportionality…

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  • “Tidal Wave of Anger” May Be a Mirage

    Conventional wisdom claims that current campaigns reflect the seething anger of the electorate and the misery of the populace. Yet polling data actually shows an overwhelming majority expressing satisfaction with their personal lives, even if they do worry over the nation's direction. In 2015, Gallup showed 85% saying they felt…

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    With Donald Trump and Ted Cruz topping most polls, some imaginative activists have already contacted my radio show to suggest that the two leading candidates join forces to run together as a team. After all, “Trump and Ted” has a nice ring to it, and they appeal to the same…

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  • The Moral Bankruptcy of a Pro-Abortion Stunt

    The Moral Bankruptcy of a Pro-Abortion Stunt

    A tasteless political stunt by a South Carolina Democrat highlights the moral bankruptcy of pro-abortion extremists. State representative Mia McLeod wants to “send a message to Republicans in the General Assembly about laws governing the bodies of South Carolinians.” Her legislation would restrict access to medication like Viagra by requiring…

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  • An Uphill, Narrow Path to November Victory

    An Uphill, Narrow Path to November Victory

    As voters prepare at last to choose their presidential nominees, Republicans face an uncomfortable question: can any GOP candidate conceivably win an Electoral College majority this November? The answer is “yes,” but it will be an uphill struggle. Wall Street Journal analysis shows that genuine “swing states” have all but…

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  • Best and Worst Movies of 2015

    Best and Worst Movies of 2015

    Click on the posters to listen to Michael's reviews. BEST MOVIES OF 2015: 1.Brooklyn 2. The Revenant 3. Bridge of Spies 4. The Martian 5. The Big Short 6. Macbeth 7. The Peanuts Movie 8. Captive 9. Ricki and the Flash 10. Spotlight WORST MOVIES OF 2015: 1. The Night…

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