• Gettysburg Lessons for Trump’s GOP

    Gettysburg Lessons for Trump’s GOP

    President Trump and his key Congressional allies are making a disastrous mistake in letting their Democratic opponents select the field of engagement for this year's struggle for control of Capitol Hill. In so doing, they ignore the crucial lessons of history provided by a noble hero of the Battle of…

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  • “Bamboozlement” and “Down-right Fraud”

    “Bamboozlement” and “Down-right Fraud”

    In 1915, H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) delivered a harsh verdict on the politics of his time which applies even more forcefully to our political culture in 2018. Mencken said politics had become an “endless saturnalia of bunk, of bluff, of stupidity, of insincerity, of false virtue, of nonsense, of pretense,…

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  • Liberals and Conservatives Are Unhappy for Different Reasons

    One of the most important differences between the right and the left — one that greatly helps to explain their differences — is the difference between unhappy liberals and unhappy conservatives. Unhappy conservatives generally believe they are unhappy because life is inherently difficult and tragic, and because they have made…

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  • In Defense of Evangelicals Who Support Trump

    It is usually easier for an outsider to defend a person or a group that is attacked than for the person or group. In that vein, this Jew would like to defend evangelicals and other Christians who support President Donald Trump. They are regularly attacked as religious hypocrites who give…

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  • 3 Reasons the Left Wants Evermore Immigrants

    On one thing we can all agree: The left wants more and more immigrants — including immigrants who enter or are in the country illegally — to come to America and become American citizens. The question is, why? The first and most obvious reason is political. The Deferred Action for…

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  • Not as Fragmented as Pessimists Presume

    Not as Fragmented as Pessimists Presume

    A major study from the Pew Research Center should reassure those of us who worry about the fragmentation of America based on race and ethnicity. Among the 43 million U.S. adults with Hispanic ancestry, a full 5 million don't identify themselves as “Hispanic” or “Latino” at all. Moreover, among families…

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  • Democrats: Badly Out of the Mainstream on Israel

    Democrats: Badly Out of the Mainstream on Israel

    A survey of opinion on the Middle East brings good news to Israel and bad news for Democrats. The Pew Center asked the question: “In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, who do you sympathize with?” Among every gender, every racial or religious group, every age or educational level,…

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  • Screen Time Blues

    Screen Time Blues

    By Diane Medved, Ph.D. Parents, have you lamented that it's difficult to restrain kids from too much “screen time?” With kids now owning smart phones at ever-younger ages, it seems they're replacing interactive play with years bowing heads toward distractions in their palms. Let me suggest a simple way to…

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