• An American Victim of Terror

    An American Victim of Terror

    Fifty years ago, supporters of Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign gathered for a victory party after a hard-fought California Primary. For those of us who were there at LA's Ambassador Hotel that fatal night, it became one of the most searing experiences of our lives. In retrospect, it's surprising that media…

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  • Misleading Headline Displays Bias

    Misleading Headline Displays Bias

    A front-page headline in the New York Times distorted a bold new initiative of the Trump administration and displayed that paper's long-standing grudge. Beneath a dramatic photo of a suspect being led away in handcuffs, the headline proclaimed: TRUMP TARGETS FEDERAL WORKERS IN ORDERS CURBING PROTECTIONS. First of all, the…

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  • Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom from Consequences

    Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom from Consequences

    When ABC canceled its top-rated Roseanne revival because of vile racist comments by its star, Americans received another reminder that freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. No, the government can't stop you from saying stupid things but a private business can terminate your employment if your offensive words…

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  • Roseanne Is Out? Explain Maher, Sharpton and Olbermann

    Roseanne Barr lost her new television show. Barr, in a tweet about Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, said of Jarrett: “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” The comedian deleted the offensive tweet, but the damage was irreversible. The reaction was swift. The Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted:…

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  • Is Starbucks about to embarrass itself with its anti-racism training day? How do you fix a problem that doesn't exist? What is more likely? Spygate against Trump? Or Trump Russia Collusion? Plus, the Ultimate Issues Hour. The post appeared first on The Dennis Prager Show.

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  • Message from the Royal Wedding

    Message from the Royal Wedding

    Media coverage of Britain's royal wedding focused mostly on breaks with tradition—with a biracial, divorced, American bride and a couple that lived together before marriage. But the ceremony itself also sent some more traditional messages: in a nation with church attendance half what it is in America, the Christian themes…

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  • In Calling MS-13 Gang Members ‘Animals,’ Trump Was Kind

    President Donald Trump doubled down on calling members of a notorious street gang “animals.” Good for him for not backing down and for shining a light on an outrageous phenomenon, especially in Southern California: Latino gangs that target blacks, whether or not they belong to gangs, for death. Trump, during…

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  • Why the Left Won’t Call Anyone ‘Animals’

    If you want to understand the moral sickness at the heart of leftism, read the first paragraph of the most recent column by Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne: “It's never right to call other human beings ‘animals.' It's not something we should even have to debate. No matter how…

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  • Cornell Student Presents Senior Thesis In Her Underwear

    The most remarkable thing about the title of this column, “Cornell student presents senior thesis in her underwear” is that not one reader thinks it's a joke. That, my friends, is further proof of the low esteem in which most Americans hold our universities. The left has rendered our universities,…

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