• Obamacare Can’t Be ‘Fixed’

    The moment Republicans bought into the notion that Obamacare must not just be repealed but “replaced,” Democrats won. Democrats argue that health care is a “right.” Republicans claim they disagree, that nowhere in the Constitution does the federal government guarantee health care treatment or health care insurance. But Republicans' behavior…

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  • Commitment Over Feeling Can Save, Enhance Marriage

    Commitment Over Feeling Can Save, Enhance Marriage

    Profound changes in the institution of matrimony go far beyond the push for same-sex marriage. After many years as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Diane Medved notes a shift in marital priorities from commitment to feelings. ”Do your duty” has been replaced with “follow your heart.” In response, my wife has…

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  • Still the Core of the Conflict

    Still the Core of the Conflict

    Palestinian leaders claim that Israeli settlements in disputed territory constitute the chief obstacle to peace, but their arguments actually expose the nature of their extremist agenda. At CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, representatives of Israeli settler communities expressed their willingness to live under governance of a new Palestinian state,…

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  • Pointless Distractions Undermine Worthy Goals

    Pointless Distractions Undermine Worthy Goals

    President Trump is committed to pursuing so many worthy goals – tax reform, border security, economic growth, choice in education, strengthening the military – that it's a shame that he allows himself to be distracted by dubious concerns and trivial issues. Four days after his well-received speech to Congress, he…

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  • Need for an Upgrade in the White House Staff

    Need for an Upgrade in the White House Staff

    President Trump has received well-deserved praise for outstanding cabinet appointments, after installing well-qualified figures at major federal departments. His White House staff selections, however, have been far less appropriate, contributing to a lack of focus in the administration's early days. Thirty years ago, my comprehensive history of key presidential aides,…

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  • The Oscars: The Activism They Left on the Cutting Room Floor

    Imagine the result, with hundreds of millions of people watching worldwide, if Hollywood turned its creative firepower on real problems. Instead, viewers watched wall-to-wall Trump-bashing. They should have spent less time bashing Trump and more time making the sure presenters got the correct envelopes. If so, the Oscar gaffe of…

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