• Trump Wins as Mainstream Conservative, Not Radical Fringie

    Trump Wins as Mainstream Conservative, Not Radical Fringie

    Donald Trump's first year in office delivered an array of important achievements: confirmation of conservative judges, including Neil Gorsuch; more support for oil pipelines and oil drilling; dramatic progress against ISIS; deregulation and enhanced border security; the end of meddlesome net neutrality; the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital; and,…

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  • A Vote is a Terrible Thing to Waste

    A Vote is a Terrible Thing to Waste

    When legal wrangling concludes, control of the Virginia legislature will be decided by drawing lots, or pulling names from a bowl—because of a tie vote in the 94th District. Republican incumbent David Yancey and challenger Shelly Simonds both got 11,608 votes but if the Democrat wins the draw, the legislature's…

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  • Fairly Tale Lessons for the Merchants of Doom

    Two famous children's stories, “Chicken Little” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” convey an important message for today's gloom-peddling Left. In both tales, frightened main characters warn of impending disaster—”the sky is falling” or a rampaging wolf will devour the innocent. In both cases, the protagonists ultimately lose credibility and…

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  • The Red Sun is Setting for the International Left

    The collapse of the international left has become so obvious that even the New York Times can't ignore it. A recent headline noted the pro-business tidal wave sweeping South America, where each of the ABC countries—Argentina, Brazil and now Chile—recently rejected socialist parties that once dominated their politics. Meanwhile, the…

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  • What if Obama Spent Year 1 Battling ‘Collusion’?

    Imagine how Democrats, the media, academia and Hollywood would have reacted had the newly elected President Barack Obama, America's first black president, spent the first year of his presidency with his campaign and transition teams under investigation for “collusion” to steal the election. Imagine if, from the very moment Obama…

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  • Hanukkah Affirms History Over Fantasy

    Hanukkah Affirms History Over Fantasy

    During the eight-day festival of Hanukkah, it's worthwhile to connect the celebration to recent controversies surrounding Jerusalem. The joyous holiday celebrates the purification and re-dedication of Jerusalem's Second Temple in 164 BC, but today the official Palestinian position denies that this Temple ever even existed. That absurd notion not only…

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  • On Jerusalem: Denying Reality, Ignoring History

    On Jerusalem: Denying Reality, Ignoring History

    President Trump described his acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel's capital as “nothing more than a recognition of reality.” This is exactly right: since the rebirth of the Jewish state 70 years ago, Jerusalem has been the seat of Israeli government and the nation's leading cultural institutions. Pretending that this status…

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