• How Will It End?

    How Will It End?

    Partisan Democrats and their obsessed supporters in the media may relish the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in the election, but most Americans yearn for these battles to end. When they do, both sides may feel frustrated: Liberals won't get the grounds for impeachment they obviously desire, while administration defenders…

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  • Steps in the Right Direction on Healthcare

    Steps in the Right Direction on Healthcare

    Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the most widely respected members of either House of Congress, has begun negotiating a last-ditch healthcare reform that deserves bipartisan support. His approach urges Republicans to extend insurance subsidies under Obamacare to prevent an imminent explosion in health insurance costs. In return,…

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  • Can a Conservative Conduct an Orchestra?

    Most Americans are at least somewhat aware of what is happening at American (and European) universities with regard to conservative speakers. Universities disinvite conservative speakers, never invite them or allow the violent (or threatened violent) prevention of them. No non-left-wing idea should be permitted on campus. But we may have…

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  • Remembering Terry Lafferty

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    Remembering Terry Lafferty

    Our dear friend and co-worker Terry Lafferty just went to be with the Lord. She was amazing. As her sister, Holly, told us this weekend Terry was designed to do promotions for our radio stations. Her boundless energy and enthusiastic (God in us) promotion of our stations was inspirational. She battled cancer bravely…

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  • The Real Battle Between Good and Evil

    The Real Battle Between Good and Evil

    On Sabbath eve of July 21st, the Salomon family in the Israeli community of Halamish prepared a “Shalom Zachor” celebration to welcome their new-born baby grandson. As they set out sweets and refreshments for their expected guests, a 19-year-old Palestinian stranger burst into the home and stabbed four members of…

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  • Necessary Allies, Not Implacable Enemies

    Necessary Allies, Not Implacable Enemies

    To place our polarized politics in proper perspective, conservatives need to look back at the nearly half-century struggle known as “the Cold War.” The Soviet Union and its satellites really did amount to an “Evil Empire” and the US and our allies constituted the necessary counterweight of goodness and decency.…

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  • It’s High Noon on the GOP’s Promise to ‘Repeal and Replace’

    The reason Republicans can't “come together” on a repeal-and-replacement plan for Obamacare is that the American people haven't come together on what they want. True, polls show Obamacare remains unpopular. But the various Republican replacement proposals have polled even worse. And when you break down the answers, Obamacare is unpopular-ish.…

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  • Taking Encouragement from Under-Rated Presidents

    Taking Encouragement from Under-Rated Presidents

    Can a new president with a tenuous mandate and a balky Congress, held in contempt by “enlightened” opinion, nonetheless preside over dynamic years of peace and prosperity? History answers with a ringing “yes!” and Donald Trump should feel encouraged by that record. Between 1868 and 1896, six presidents occupied the…

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  • Positive Results Trump Political Disappointments

    Positive Results Trump Political Disappointments

    In President Trump's first six months, illegal immigration dropped dramatically, reaching its lowest point in at least 16 years—despite the fact that the administration hasn't built its border wall, or conducted mass deportations that many feared, or enforced the promised Muslim ban. At the same time, the stock market boomed…

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