• Whatever Happened to “The Party of the Little Guy”?

    Whatever Happened to “The Party of the Little Guy”?

    Democrats have always identified themselves as “the party of the little guy,” but in 2016 they lost tens-of-millions of aggrieved, out-of-luck voters to a boisterous billionaire named Donald Trump. Why? Because of the party's self-destructive obsession with race and gender. The real dividing line between families that are forging ahead…

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  • Trump’s Best Move…So Far

    Trump’s Best Move…So Far

    During his first two weeks, President Donald Trump has been moving ahead like an unstoppable express train, even though he hasn't always stayed on track. (Did we really need diplomatic blow-ups with Australia and Mexico, or the mishandling of an incoherent and ineffective “travel ban”?) But with all the storm…

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  • No, the Embassy Won’t Move to Disputed East Jersulem

    No, the Embassy Won’t Move to Disputed East Jersulem

    Ongoing debate about moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is surrounded by misinformation. One common mistake suggests that the whole city is historically disputed territory between Israelis and Palestinians. That's not true of Western Jerusalem, built up by returning Jews over the last 150 years, where the…

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  • Why My Stepsons’ Father Killed Himself

    Why My Stepsons’ Father Killed Himself

    Last week, my two stepsons' father, a man who loved life, killed himself. I would like to tell you why. Two years ago, a 62-year-old father of three named Bruce Graham was standing on an ladder, inspecting his roof for a leak, when it slipped out from under him. He…

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  • America’s Second Civil War

    America’s Second Civil War

    It is time for our society to acknowledge a sad truth: America is currently fighting its second Civil War. In fact, with the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically and politically today than they were during the Civil War. For that reason,…

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  • Government Waste, Soaked in Soda

    Government Waste, Soaked in Soda

    A new Department of Agriculture report offers shocking revelations about food stamp recipients – those 45 million Americans enrolled in Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP. It turns out they spend more of their government money on sugary soda drinks than on any other food group – wasting a much…

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  • Trump’s Habit: Turning Obstacles into Advantages

    Trump’s Habit: Turning Obstacles into Advantages

    Even his harshest critics recognize President Trump's habit of turning obstacles into advantages. In the primary campaign, the fact that 17 well-qualified Republicans ran against him was supposed to make his victory impossible. But in fact it divided the more cautious, mainstream voters while giving Trump an unbeatable edge among…

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  • A Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right

    Source of Human Rights Left: government Right: the Creator Human Nature Left: basically good (Therefore, society is primarily responsible for evil.) Right: not basically good (Therefore, the individual is primarily responsible for evil.) Economic Goal Left: equality Right: prosperity Primary Role of the State Left: increase and protect equality Right:…

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  • A Protest Without Purpose

    A Protest Without Purpose

    Columnist Maureen Down has coined a useful description of the left's hysterical over-reaction to Donald Trump's upcoming inauguration, calling it “Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Determined to protest his presidency before it even begins, a group of activists secured commitments from more than 200,000 women who plan to march on Washington to…

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