• Black-on-Black Racism at Cornell

    A Rasmussen poll taken in 2013 asked American adults, “Are most white Americans racist?” “Are most Hispanic Americans racist?” and “Are most black Americans racist?” Of the three groups, the winner was blacks. Thirty-seven percent said most blacks were racist; 18 percent felt most Hispanics were racist, and 15 percent…

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  • Leveling the Playing Field in the Legal Arena

    Leveling the Playing Field in the Legal Arena

    The British parliamentarian Edmund Burke said: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” That's especially true in the legal arena, where most lawyers tilt decidedly to the left. Many lavishly-funded organizations use the courts to advance their progressive agenda, with the ACLU—the American…

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  • Why Millennials Prefer Marxism to Capitalism

    Why Millennials Prefer Marxism to Capitalism

    Recent articles have marveled at the fascination of today's “millennials” with socialism, but a new survey shows even more alarming disregard for the capitalist system behind America's prosperity and power. Polling data from YouGov showed 51% of Americans in their twenties would prefer to live in a country that was…

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  • No Market for Mauling the Middle Class

    No Market for Mauling the Middle Class

    SUBURBICON, the prestigious new movie release from director George Clooney, features Matt Damon and Juliane Moore with a screenplay co-written by the Oscar-winning Coen brothers. The film opened with high hopes on more than 2,000 screens, but proved to be a commercial disaster with just $2.8 million on opening weekend.…

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  • Undeniably Different, After All

    Undeniably Different, After All

    Recent charges of sexual harassment have tarnished or destroyed powerful figures in entertainment, journalism and the military. Alleged perpetrators are conservative and leftist, repentant and defiant, but nearly all have one thing in common: they are all male. Despite politically correct insistence that men and women are indistinguishable, the current…

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  • Our Ex-Presidents’ Insincere Praise of ‘American Generosity’

    All five living former Presidents recently came together at a benefit concert for victims of this year's devastating hurricanes. A month earlier, they broadcast an appeal for Americans to donate for hurricane relief efforts. Former President Jimmy Carter praised the generosity of Americans: “Across this great country, Americans have answered…

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  • My Own Harvey Weinstein Experience

    I knew of Harvey Weinstein, and I'd heard that he possessed the power to make or break careers, that he was bombastic and that he pushed people around. But that pretty much was the extent of it. After all, this is Hollywood, where only a small percent of would-be actors…

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  • Mr. President: Ignore the Barking Dogs

    Mr. President: Ignore the Barking Dogs

    President Trump should install a new sign on his Oval Office desk, one that would remind him of the timeless wisdom in an old Arabic proverb: “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.” Ideally, that message might discourage the leader of the free world from damaging his presidency by…

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  • A Vile Attempt to Tarnish Lincoln

    A Vile Attempt to Tarnish Lincoln

    A group of students at University of Wisconsin used the recent Indigenous People's Day to try to discredit Abraham Lincoln. They covered a monumental statue of the 16th President with derisive signs and staged a “Die-In” in front of it. “Let's be real,” said a protest leader. “He owned slaves,…

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