• PROVIDENCE AND THE PROPHET: The Meaning of Martin Luther King

    PROVIDENCE AND THE PROPHET: The Meaning of Martin Luther King

    Only four individuals in American history have ever been honored with federal holidays bearing their names: Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. Though separated by 500 years of history and dramatically divergent backgrounds, these four shared a common characteristic: an unshakable sense that their lives…

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  • If Laura Ingraham Goes Down for ‘Bullying,’ You’re Next!

    What did Fox News' Laura Ingraham say that cost her advertisers? About David Hogg, the teenage Parkland, Florida, high school shooting survivor, Fox's Ingraham tweeted: “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.)”…

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  • Where’s the Common Sense in ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws?

    Larry Elder 3/29/2018 12:01:00 AM – Larry Elder Americans, many quite young, attended anti-gun violence rallies across the country. Many protesters demanded more federal “common-sense” gun control laws. But the push for common-sense gun laws lacks common sense, or at least perspective. The protests, sparked by the murders of 17…

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  • Trump, Adultery, Morality

    Some years ago, I wrote a column about adultery and politicians. In light of the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal interviews concerning their alleged (and probable) affairs with President Donald Trump, it is time to revisit the subject. I do not agree with those — right or left, religious or…

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  • Over-Heated Gun Rhetoric Works Against Reform

    Over-Heated Gun Rhetoric Works Against Reform

    If pro-life conservatives ever claimed that supporters of Planned Parenthood had “blood on their hands”, the mainstream media would howl in protest. Why, then, do anti-gun activists who make precisely such claims about supporters of the NRA, draw widespread acclaim for their courage and idealism? The connection between abortion and…

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  • Loving Israel Before Israel

    Loving Israel Before Israel

    In January, Vice President Mike Pence earned a rapturous response from Israel's Knesset for an emphatic, emotional address that emphasized the unbreakable bond between America and the Jewish state. Meir Soloveichik (whose own article addressing the subject appears on page 12) witnessed the occasion and reported in the Wall Street…

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  • Using Food for More than Delicious Nourishment

    Using Food for More than Delicious Nourishment

    By Diane Medved, Ph.D. — Elise had an article to write, and only a day to write it. That's because, like many term-paper, book, work report and article authors whose livelihood depends on their output, she loves having written, though the process getting there is not so easy. She knew…

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  • For Dems, Hunting is Worse than Abortion

    For Dems, Hunting is Worse than Abortion

    A new poll by the Economist/YouGov organization shows glaring contradictions in the way Democrats define morality. On most moral issues, Democrats, take relaxed and tolerant attitudes, with big majorities saying they accept abortion, divorce, gambling, drinking alcohol, birth control, interracial marriage, gay sex, pre-marital sex and doctor-assisted suicide. One form…

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  • Why Democrats Are Suddenly Unforgiving Moralists

    Why Democrats Are Suddenly Unforgiving Moralists

    An Economist/YouGov poll asks respondents if they'd back “a presidential candidate who has done immoral acts in private life.” Surprisingly, Democrats seemed less forgiving and flexible than Republicans: A full 48% of Republicans found it acceptable to back a candidate with moral failings, but only 19% of Democrats agreed. After…

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