• A GOP Civil War: Who Benefits?

    By Michael Medved & John Podhoretz If the Republican Party descends into civil war over the next two years, a luncheon in October of this year will count as its Fort Sumter. On the second day of the wildly controversial government shutdown, GOP senators gathered for a private midday meal…

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  • The Vacation Reading List

    It just worked out this year that I would be on radio vacation this coming week and next. Ordinarily I take the last two weeks of the year, but The Happiest Life publishes on 12/31, so I will be in NYC and DC promoting it and broadcasting.  So the break…

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  • Nelson Mandela, RIP

    John Podhoretz tweeted out that Nelson Mandela could have chosen to be –had the power to become– an even greater monster than Mugabe.  Instead, Mandela chose to become a saint.  A great leader, a great Christian, a great example.  The world cannot honor him enough as it should hope that…

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