• Top 10 Conspiracies

    Top 10 Conspiracies

    Almost every month on The Michael Medved Show we offer Conspiracy Day when the moon is full—opening the lines to impassioned callers who seek to expose deep secrets and hidden forces behind perplexing, painful present events. After 15 years of featuring these calls on our show, we can compiled a…

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  • Leah Allen: My Dad Will Never Stop Smoking Pot

    An important article by Leah Allen about the dangers of marijuana: The post Leah Allen: My Dad Will Never Stop Smoking Pot appeared first on Bill Bennett's Morning in America.

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  • The John Jay Institute’s Dr. Alan Crippin

    Dr. Alan Crippin of Philadelphia's John Jay Institute will be in studio for most of the first hour of today's program, even as I track the progress of the massive spending bill that slams career military and which is for the most part unread by the House GOP that is…

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  • “Limited Liability Patriotism”

    That's the term an active-duty 22-year vet used when he called the show tonight, saying he felt like the House GOP had kicked him in the stomach and that the 99% of American that hasn't served in the military is abandoning the 1% that has by signing on quietly to…

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  • The War On Women, Er Men…Both?

    The War On Women, Er Men…Both?

    There is a chapter in The Happiest Life titled simply “The Spouse,” and much of what I write about marriage used to be utterly without controversy but today, well, not so much. Among my guests today will be Suzanne Venker, author of The War on Men. She is an emerging…

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  • Ariel Sharon, RIP

    Israel buried its great warrior today, and I will spend time with The New Republic's Yossi Klein Halevi and Commentary's Jonathan Tobin to discuss the former Israeli Prime Minister and general. Sharon's long absence from the public stage leave more than a few Americans unsure of his place in history,…

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