• Most Frenchmen Cheat

    According to a new poll. So, Dennis asks in the the Male/Female hour: what keeps men faithful? The post Most Frenchmen Cheat appeared first on The Dennis Prager Show.

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  • Just A Little Show Tuesday

    I open Tuesday's show with The New York Times' Ben Hubbard from Beirut, followed by Pastor Robert Jeffress whose interview with Bill O'Reilly is causing the left to swoon, and veteran correspondent(and now academic) Charles Bierbauer who covered both the 1972 and 1996 Olympics –linked by being the occasion of…

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  • National Security and 2016

    Tuesday's interviews with John Bolton (transcript here) and E.J. Dionne (audio and transcript here) underscored just how central to the 2016 presidential race the foreign policy fiascos of the past few years will be. The GOP will be talking about them, and Hillary will be unable to defend her record,…

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  • GOP Needs Unity, Not Factional Takeover

    GOP Needs Unity, Not Factional Takeover

    Before “Bridge-gate”, Governor Chris Christie tried to build a sense of inevitability about his potential presidential campaign. That's gone now, and, at least today, it's by no means certain he'll even run. Republicans should therefore focus on qualities we need most in a nominee rather than prematurely coalescing around any…

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  • VOTER I.D.: Racist and Unconstitutional?

    VOTER I.D.: Racist and Unconstitutional?

    Leftist judges and Democratic activists increasingly embrace the ludicrous idea that requiring voters to show picture ID constitutes a form of unconstitutional racism. This is absurd and groundless: the Constitution explicitly guarantees a right to bear arms, but liberals never question background checks or photo identification before you get guns.…

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  • The New York Times Telegraphs Its Hopes, Dreams For 2014

    The New York Times Telegraphs Its Hopes, Dreams For 2014

    The New York Times is actually two papers. The domestic paper –anything having to do with policies at home– is a cartoon, an absurdist delight, the daily from Bizarro World. The reporting from around the world by contrast is undeniably the most consistently necessary reads in the world. Today's headline…

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  • Meeting the Critical Need of Cross Border Connections

    I've been at the helm of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber (THCC) for over 4 years. During this time, our business community has struggled during the economic recession, but they've also sought out new revenue opportunities on which the THCC has focused. Our business community has an often overlooked market opportunity…

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  • Losses Aren’t Always Insulting “Snubs”

    Losses Aren’t Always Insulting “Snubs”

    After the announcement of Academy Award nominations, countless commentators focused on unexpected Oscar “snubs.” For instance, the Coen Brothers' over-praised movie INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS got no major nominations, and Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Emma Thompson and Oprah Winfrey won't be finalists for acting awards. But these aren't “snubs”—any more than…

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