• Lou Dobbs – Rebecca Costa

    Lou Dobbs, currently the host of Fox Business News Lou Dobbs Tonight, is a legendary broadcaster, bestselling author and one of the most respected and insightful voices on politics, economics, society, and business. For three decades, Dobbs has brought an unwavering American perspective to the most important issues of our…

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  • The Hobby Lobby Moot Court

    On Wednesday I hosted Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of the the University of California School of Law and Dean John Eastman, dean emeritus of Chapman University's Fowler School of Law in a broadcast “moot court” of the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods cases, which will be heard before the Supreme Court…

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  • How Oil Drilling Saved the Whales

    How Oil Drilling Saved the Whales

    Watching a parade of migrating whales as they leap and frolic in the warm waters off Honolulu, it's worth remembering that these creatures owe their very survival to a much-derided 19th century Pennsylvania oil driller named Edwin Drake. His story should reassure present-day pessimists of the near miraculous power of…

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  • The Obama-Clinton-Kerry Legacy

    Ukraine joins the long list of countries that have regressed into deeper shadow under President Obama and his two Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. The list of just those we know about because they have have made huge headlines include Iran and the lost Green Revolution, Egypt…

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  • Shady Operations Hurt Conservative Cause

    Shady Operations Hurt Conservative Cause

    Dr. Ben Carson has inspired millions with his idealism and common sense, but those of us who respect him most should shun dubious operators who are raising big money for the Draft Ben Carson for President Committee. Dr. Carson insists he has no plans to run for office and no…

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  • Happy Talks

    Happy Talks

    Talking The Happiest Life tonight in Los Angeles, Friday night in NYC, and Sunday night in San Diego Tonight: 6:30 PM at La Crescenta Presbyterian Church Friday night with Eric Metaxas at Socrates In The City at The Union League in Manhattan Sunday night at 6 PM Village Community Presbyterian…

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  • Freezing Spending, Assuring a Surplus

    Freezing Spending, Assuring a Surplus

    Amazingly enough, the federal government announced in February a freeze on new spending, with credible plans for a budget surplus by 2015! Unfortunately, the federal government I'm referring to isn't in the U.S.; it's north of the border in Canada. Under the admirable leadership of the Conservative Party's Stephen Harper,…

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  • VDH On Kiev

    Victor Davis Hanson joined me in hour two today to talk Kiev. Audio: 02-17hhs-hanson Transcript: HH: Incredibly, because I'm a little bit stunned by this, CNN just cut away from the Kiev massacre underway in real time to cover a Chris Christie fundraiser with Paul Begala providing commentary. I'm joined…

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