• White House Protection for Black-Out Drunks

    White House Protection for Black-Out Drunks

    Do American young women deserve a sacred, federally-protected right to engage in reckless, irresponsible and even illegal behavior with no fear of consequences? Vice President Biden seems to think so. After a White House meeting in January to announce a new task force to curb sexual assaults on campus, the…

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  • “I Can Do Whatever I Want”

    That's the quote that Bill Kristol used to title his column that headlines this week's Weekly Standard, which along with 2017 Project , The Ethics and Public Policy Center, AEI, Heritage and other bright spots around D.C. think tanks have been working for a couple of years to drive home…

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  • The Romney Boomlet –All About Ted Cruz

    The Romney Boomlet –All About Ted Cruz

    It is easy to understand why some reports are surfacing about the 2012 GOP's nominee return to the field for a third try at the White House. After all, Team Clinton will be makings its fourth bid, and that depth of high stakes/high cost/high profile campaign experience and immediate access…

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  • Will John Boehner Lay Down The Gavel?

    The weather is pretty awful everywhere it snows, except Sochi. Perhaps the blanketing will cool tempers inside the Beltway, where another collapse of House GOP “strategy” combined with (1) the blowback on the cuts to the career military retirement benefits, (2) another set of numbers on Obamacare screaming “FAIL” and…

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  • Talking About His Presidential Bid With Joe Scarborough

    MSNBC's Joe Scarborough joined me today, and of course talked turned quickly to his rumored run for the presidency as well as to the dysfunction in the House GOP Caucus of which he was a part for eight years, and other routine questions of presidential candidates: Audio: 02-12hhs-scarborough Transcript: HH:…

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  • Taxifornica by James Lacy

    We don't have ice storms or blizzards out here, but the perfect storm of higher taxes and rising costs has California on a path to the certain fiscal doom that has already begun to roll through some of its cities and counties. James Lacy is a former Reagan Administration appointee…

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