• Democrats’ War on Capitalism

    5/10/2018 12:01:00 AM – Larry Elder Hillary Clinton recently offered yet another reason why she lost her second consecutive race for the presidency: capitalism. At the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City, Clinton was asked whether her self-proclaimed “capitalist” stance hurt her during the 2016 presidential primary season.…

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  • The War on Wisdom

    There is more knowledge available today than ever before in history. But few would argue people are wiser than ever before. On the contrary, many of us would argue that we are living in a particularly foolish time — a period that is largely wisdom-free, especially among those with the…

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  • Trump’s Two Big Advantages: Time and Low Expectations

    5/3/2018 12:01:00 AM – Larry Elder Despite the daily pounding he receives from the media, President Donald Trump enjoys two advantages — low expectations and lots of time. When the opposition party and their media cohorts call Trump an idiot, a fool, a liar, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, incompetent,…

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  • Instinctive Love for Ourselves–And Others

    Instinctive Love for Ourselves–And Others

    A familiar but mysterious Biblical verse, which was read aloud in Jewish services around the world in late April, may aid Americans in overcoming the bitter divisions currently afflicting our country. In Leviticus 18:15, God commands: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself – I am God!” A nineteenth century…

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  • Korea as Key to Victory for Trump & GOP

    Korea as Key to Victory for Trump & GOP

    Over-confident Democrats take comfort in the history of mid-term elections in a new president's first term: for nearly two centuries, the party in power almost always loses seats in Congress. But Republicans should feel encouraged by the only exception to that rule since FDR: in 2002, George W. Bush defied…

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  • Thriving at Every Age, with Gratitude

    Thriving at Every Age, with Gratitude

    By Diane Medved, Ph.D. What if you could significantly reduce your chances for dementia later in life simply by adopting a positive attitude now? A new study shows that even people who carry a gene that predisposes them toward dementia were much less likely to develop it when they had…

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