• Remembering Terry Lafferty

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    Remembering Terry Lafferty

    Our dear friend and co-worker Terry Lafferty just went to be with the Lord. She was amazing. As her sister, Holly, told us this weekend Terry was designed to do promotions for our radio stations. Her boundless energy and enthusiastic (God in us) promotion of our stations was inspirational. She battled cancer bravely…

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  • The Evidence for Faith

    The Evidence for Faith

    I recently received an e-mail from a thoughtful listener who challenged my commitment to faith and God. “You're a smart person,” she wrote, “who emphasizes evidence and logic. How then, can you give such importance in your life to something illogical for which there is no evidence.” My answer described…

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  • The Republican Challenge with Young Voters

    The Republican Challenge with Young Voters

    Political analysts give plenty of attention to our partisan divisions according to race or gender, but not enough to the stark differences based on age. The good news for Republicans is that the Democrats are entirely reliant on young voters. Among Americans over 30 in 2016, Trump won the popular…

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  • A Pointless and Pathetic Confrontation

    A Pointless and Pathetic Confrontation

    When asked his opinion of the Iran-Iraq War, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reportedly commented: “It's a shame they can't both lose.” Sensible observers should have the same reaction to the nutty, alt-right protestors planning to assemble in another “Unite the Right” rally in the nation's capital, and to…

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  • Pope Francis Rewrites Catholicism … and the Bible

    Last week, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had changed the Catholic catechism. After 2,000 years of teaching that a moral use of capital punishment for murder is consistent with Catholic teaching, the pope announced that the catechism, the church fathers and St. Thomas Aquinas, among the other great Catholic…

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  • Anne Hathaway Is Making ‘Race Relations’ Worse

    Dear Ms. Anne Hathaway, Two black sisters at an Oakland, California, subway station were attacked by a knife-wielding white man. He killed one sister, Nia Wilson, and injured the other. The Bay Area Rapid Transit police arrested him. His family reportedly told authorities that he suffered from mental problems. The…

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  • “Corruption”, In Context

    “Corruption”, In Context

    News media portray today's politics as incomparably corrupt, focusing on endless scandals to tarnish politicians in general and the Trump administration in particular. But in historical perspective, corruption is far less rampant than in the past: prominent officials in the Johnson, Nixon and Reagan administrations faced criminal prosecution and a…

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  • “Say Little, Do Much”

    “Say Little, Do Much”

    Contemporary leaders can learn from ancient wisdom, and President Trump will benefit from the 2,000-year-old advice of Rabbi Shammai to “Say Little, and Do Much.” The President has certainly done much in his time in office, but he would gain greatly from saying less–and avoiding statements that undermine admirable actions.…

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