• TMWL, Your Time is Now!

    icon Mike Shaw

    It’s hard for me to believe that just a few months ago I was 45 pounds heavier than I am now. I was overweight and not feeling great for years. I knew I had to do something about it, but I was having trouble finding the motivation. Enter Tucson Medical…

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  • Tucson Leaders to Residents: Speak Up about Postal Impacts

    icon KVOI

      Tucson, AZ– May 18, 2015–  Tucson Vice Mayor Richard Fimbres and numerous elected and business officials have launched a set of open surveys in an effort to provide the residents of Tucson a platform to share opinions about, and impacts of, the consolidation plans for the Tucson Postal Processing…

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  • Ms. Grijalva, Time to Fess Up

    icon Bruce Ash

    Adelita Grijalva and her TUSD education wrecking crew are at it again. What is their latest foul act? The evisceration of the all volunteer audit committee, after one of it’s members wrote a Star editorial a month ago critical of the TUSD board. This guarantees the audit committee and all…

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  • Donald Trump On Things 2016

    Donald trump joined me today to discuss all things 2016: Audio: Transcript: HH: Morning Glory and Evening grace America. It's Hugh Hewitt. It is the week that the campaign officially begins so I begin with the biggest interview you can have this week, the biggest name on the stage, the…

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  • Carly Fiorina On Thursday’s Debate

    Carly Fiorina joined me at the start of hour two today: Audio: 08-03hhs-fiorina Transcript: HH: Joined now by Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, candidate for president, and friend of the program. How are you, Carly? CF: I'm doing well, Hugh. How are you? HH: Great. How did you enjoy…

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  • Lessons from a Lion

    Lessons from a Lion

    The sad case of Cecil the Lion demonstrates the superiority of conservative common sense over leftist notions of political correctness. First, there's the question asked by many conservatives: why should anyone feel more upset by the death of a lion 5,000 miles away than by dismemberment of human babies in…

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  • Joe Biden is Hillary’s Worst Nightmare

    Joe Biden is Hillary’s Worst Nightmare

    The New York Times reports preparations by Vice President Biden and his aides to join the a presidential race – a looming disaster for Hillary. It's not that Biden is more competent, moderate or popular than she is – he's none of the above. But he is closer to the…

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  • Avoid the Anger Trap

    Avoid the Anger Trap

    As Republican candidates prepare for their first televised debate, they should avoid the temptations of anger and negativity. It's true that rage merchants can grab headlines and make temporary gains in the polls – and it's also true that the angriest candidate, Donald Trump, is the current front runner. But…

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  • To Destroy Church

    After Indiana, my friend David French spoke at Hillsdale and his speech was an issue of Imprimus. One of his contentions: Four truths are emerging: First, the battle is not between gay rights and religious liberty—although religious liberty is certainly at stake—but between the sexual revolution and Christianity itself. This…

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