• Remembering Terry Lafferty

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    Remembering Terry Lafferty

    Our dear friend and co-worker Terry Lafferty just went to be with the Lord. She was amazing. As her sister, Holly, told us this weekend Terry was designed to do promotions for our radio stations. Her boundless energy and enthusiastic (God in us) promotion of our stations was inspirational. She battled cancer bravely…

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  • Different Views of “Community Service”

    Different Views of “Community Service”

    You might expect Senate candidates to disagree on policies but in today's polarized politics they often differ on fundamental values as well. In the Voters' Pamphlet in Washington State, candidates list their “Community Service” and Republican challenger Susan Hutchison, cites a wealth of involvements, including board membership for Children's Hospital,…

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  • Losing Her Million Dollar Bet

    Losing Her Million Dollar Bet

    Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to affirm her Native American identity and to collect a million dollars in the process: President Trump in a rally promised to pay that much if DNA tests could “prove she's an Indian.” Now she cites tests indicating her genetic Indian ancestry is as much as…

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  • When I First Realized America Is Exceptional

    I moved to California from New York City in 1976. The founder of what was then America's largest Jewish retreat center, the Brandeis Institute (not affiliated with the university), Dr. Shlomo Bardin, asked me to work as his assistant. He was 75 years-old; I was 25. One weekend the next…

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  • If Kavanaugh Is ‘Partisan,’ Should We Impeach Justice RBG?

    Forcefully responding to allegations of sex assault, Judge Brett Kavanaugh said in his confirmation hearing rebuttal, “This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit — fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial…

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  • ‘White Male Privilege,’ RIP

    What's the last remaining group in America that can be slandered, smeared, maligned and accused of racism, sexism and homophobia with no proof required? White men. On election night 2016, CNN's Van Jones attributed Donald Trump's victory to “whitelash.” That is, racist whites rose up in fear and anger over…

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  • Lessons from the Kavanaugh Climax

    Lessons from the Kavanaugh Climax

    For three reasons, confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh has been a damaging disaster for Democrats. First, those Democrats have been indignant in defeat, and America hates sore losers. New talk of impeaching Kavanaugh, or continuing to smear him, only makes the Democrats look extreme and vicious. Second, the whole Kavanaugh fight…

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  • No, the Gold Rush Wasn’t Racist

    No, the Gold Rush Wasn’t Racist

    At Cal State Long Beach, a handsome statue known as “Prospector Pete” will be moved and sports teams will drop the “The ‘49ers' mascot” because Gold Rush references now count as racist. One Native American activist said that “walking by a statue that's put in a prominent place… that's another…

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