• TMWL – Paint by the Numbers

    icon Mike Shaw

    Remember when you were in school and your teacher would hand out a sheet full of different shaped areas with numbers inside each one. As you took your crayons and filled in the areas with the corresponding color a beautiful picture would emerge! Tucson Medical Weight Loss is a lot…

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  • Tucson Leaders to Residents: Speak Up about Postal Impacts

    icon KVOI

      Tucson, AZ– May 18, 2015–  Tucson Vice Mayor Richard Fimbres and numerous elected and business officials have launched a set of open surveys in an effort to provide the residents of Tucson a platform to share opinions about, and impacts of, the consolidation plans for the Tucson Postal Processing…

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  • Ms. Grijalva, Time to Fess Up

    icon Bruce Ash

    Adelita Grijalva and her TUSD education wrecking crew are at it again. What is their latest foul act? The evisceration of the all volunteer audit committee, after one of it’s members wrote a Star editorial a month ago critical of the TUSD board. This guarantees the audit committee and all…

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  • Understanding Problems and Solutions

    Dennis Prager begins a series on understanding the differences between Left and Right in National Review: Material poverty doesn't cause murder, rape, or terror. Moral poverty does. That's one of the great divides between Left and Right. And it largely emanates from their differing views about whether human nature is…

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  • Blunting the Democrats’ “Youth Advantage”

    The recent Democratic winning streak in presidential elections connects directly to the “youth advantage” enjoyed by Democratic candidates: the Democratic nominee has been younger than the GOP nominee in five of the last six of presidential contests, and the younger candidate each time won the popular vote. The only GOP…

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  • No, College Isn’t Right for Everyone

    On my radio show, I've repeatedly made the controversial point that it's a terrible mistake to push all students who graduate from high school to go on to college. A 2014 report showed that at public universities, an appalling 81% of full time students fail to graduate on time—and among…

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  • Students Say Bush is Even Worse than Stalin

    A recent study asked 7,000 university students in 37 countries to evaluate 40 names to choose the greatest heroes and villains in world history. On the positive side, respondents chose Albert Einstein as the leading hero of all-time; Jesus Christ ranked sixth. On the negative side, Adolph Hitler earned the…

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  • GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy On USA Freedom Act

    House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy joined me to open the show to discuss whether the Patriot Act would lapse: Audio: 05-26hhs-mccarthy Transcript: HH: We begin today's program with a special shout-out to our special friends listening on AM1070, KNTH in Houston, and to our friends at KLUP, AM930 in San…

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  • Latin Tuesday

    Today's Latin Tuesday post in honor of Memorial Day, courtesy of David Wilezol: Seneca, De Providentia, Section 4: Gaudent magni viri rebus adversis non aliter, quam fortes milites bellis. “Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war.” Brought to you by

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  • How We Think About Things

    Hugh interviewed the author, and I have mentioned the books several times, “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis.” Then, just this morning, this headline appeared in the Telegraph, “Social mobility has come to a halt.” The book discusses class differentiation in America and the article discusses how Cameron will…

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  • Calling Tom Steyer, Or Anyone Not Named “Hillary”

    My Monday Washington Examiner column asks whether within the entire Democratic Party there is anyone willing to step up to run against Hillary Clinton, an individual whose reckless disregard for the national security as evidenced by her private server makes her manifestly disqualified from the job of Commander-in-Chief. Not one…

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  • To Win or To Destroy?

    The results remain outstanding, but as I write it looks like Ireland is going to approve same sex marriage in a national referendum. Responding to the polling and early returns, a columnist in The Telegraph had this to say: Never mind that both stories crumbled under scrutiny – the popularity…

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